Design History/historical design

OK this is a bit delayed but it’ll be worth it.

Design history is a class which we did sort of on the side, we had thees classes while doing our form project and a bit afterwards, mostly it consisted of looking at slideshows.

Now when I say slideshows, I mean slideshows. To grasp the full extend of slideshowness please listen carefull to this video, where the sound is clearly captured that was made everytime a slide was changed – old school.

The first thing I noticed as I entered the classroom on our very first lesson was esoteric music playing in the background. This was also captured on film – enjoy.

We basically looked at a lot of pictures of old things, some of which were design related and I spent a lot of time playing “Eve Online” on my MacBook Pro to pass the time, oh and I was actually updating this blog too.

We also got assignments from time to time, which looked like this:
note the extreme low readability  due to them being done by hand(!)


In the end we did learn a bit about other famous designers and artists and we also made a workbook: Designhistory_workbook

Because i ditched the class before christmas to do other things I had to do two extra assignments too:

Epocher and Stolar

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Shaker Chair – Modeling techniques

In order to learn about the various skills needed to produce models of any scale there is a whole course designed to teach you about modeling techniques. We centered around the shaker chair( and had to come up with our own take on this classic design.

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Visiting “design” companies

Some time ago, we did a series of on sight courses where we went to local companies. In sweden we call this “studiebesök” – something like study-visit.

We went to Åre Trays AB, a company producing chairs and trays, most everything that you can press from layers of plywood; Rydens AB a company producing coffins; Orgelverkstad a company hand producing huge organs for churches and the like.

Here are some images. I have videos too if you are interested leave a comment and I will update with more media.

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Form Project Presentation

Ok so last week I had my presentation, it went really well. Though feedback wise I got some bad press for not applying more craftsmanship to my compositions.

Here are some images:

I also had to hand in my workbook. This is due for monday(tomorrow) but I had it done on friday.(warning pdf almoust 10mb)


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Formproject Form analisis

So today will be my presentation(in 65min)

As part of this I just completed my form analisis.

Guess what I chose to analys the shapes of my MacBook Pro

here is the pdf


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Form Project

So the form project is almost done now, tomorrow I will do my presentation.

There was a strict NO-3D policy so I could not use modo 😦 and had to do everything by hand.

The presentation features my forms and a mindmap.

You can download the mind map here:


and i will upload my workbook by monday(has to be done by then *dread*)

Here are some images of my shapes.(i chose to work with mobiles and research balance and symmetry)

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Color Project.. what I forgot

I made a video for the color project that I forgot to link.


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Form Course

The form course is quite new as far as how it was taught to me. My class was the first one going through it in this way and your experience my vary.

Point of the course is to show you how shapes work, and by shapes I really mean abstract shapes with no product relation what so ever.

Here are some images and an example of an assignment.

And here is one of the assignments

UPPGIFT 2 runda geometriska volymer

And here as a little bonus we have a video

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Perception workbook

Alright so workbooks…

It’s the way LNU checks that you do all the work and what you were thinking.

The workbook in itself is quite alright to do, but there are these 5 dimension where every student has to evaluate the project they just did and as you might get from the way i write about this I personally find a little dry.

anyways here is my workbook for perception(in swedish)


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The second course is the perception course, where you work with how people see things and how the eye can be fooled(illusions).

“Takete” and “Malumma” where two words we had to create objects for.

Both renders are done in modo 401

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