Design Methods 2 – PMI (Portbelysning Med Information)

Back from a refreshing summer vacation we dive into different methods designers can use in their line of work. The course is held by Addi and so far has been focused on Krippendorff’s book.

The challenge is to design the in-house debut product (a lamp for a front door) for a local production company specialized in metal works which have up untill now only been producing for other companies. The lamp should convey information of some sorts, i.e. the street number.

I will post the swedish brief later, when I get the pdf copy…

Here are my first sketches 

initially I was thinking about something freestanding but then realized that was not what was asked for so I went more classical and let my self be inspired of the typical Berlin style street-number-lamps I know.

The sketches were done on the iPad in SketchBook Pro with a Bamboo Stylus.

The second lecture taught us to take into consideration affordance. Affordance is the sort of accessibility and user friendliness the product displays towards all of the stakeholders, even during installation and servicing.

I then started to build a quick environment I could test my lamps in.

My first design was a cleaner version of the Berlin one I was used to, but of course it had a bunch of extra features like wifi and rfid, which have since then been removed due to complexity.

I photoshopped some random house in the background for the lulz.

After some feedback about the lack of metal in the design I opted for a bit of a different design from perforated aluminum.

This is how it looks at night

But the top still seemed to edgy and dangerous so I changed and tried an other font.

And finally here is the upload link for the group work to I did with Lotta, Emelie and Petter.

It’s a mood board of lamps…


About moburkhardt

Design student @ Linnaeus University in Sweden(Kalmar)
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1 Response to Design Methods 2 – PMI (Portbelysning Med Information)

  1. Annemie Burkhardt says:

    Sehr interessant, den Prozess der Entwicklung mitzubekommen.

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