Projekt Rörelse – colorful update

Colors, many of them, red, yellow, teal, green, blue – but why tell you if I can show you…

These were all rendered 1080p with the Studio Environment Set from 9b studios

As you see in the image before the break, there is a little detail revealed there, the mechanism that allows you to take the two dispensers apart and either rearrange them, or clean them in the dishwasher.

The bottom part also comes off as you see here.

This allows you to fill the dispenser with your powder, like salt or coffee and makes for easy cleaning.

I am quite uncertain about the colors I will be able to produce on the printer. Oh right I have not mentioned but I contacted the guys from and asked to use their repraps as they print with a much more sturdy material than LNU’s own printer. Our’s prints in gips, and then sprays glue on it to create a strudy but brittle structure, a propper reprap will give you poly based shapes, so basically liquid plastic that is dropped to form a shape – look at their wiki for all the details.

About moburkhardt

Design student @ Linnaeus University in Sweden(Kalmar)
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