Projekt Vila – Relax

This was the first really “big” product project was about “vila” – rest – and was quite free in that the only instruction was to design a product that enables people to rest.

Here we had two guest lecturers Mats Brate from and Lars Gustavsson from

We begann by doing a week of research in groups of 5 about rest. One group researched the rest through environment, one the rest of the mind and my group the physical rest.

So I went to the Hospital in Kalmar and interview some physical therapist girls about their the body.

we also analyzed the physical rest in public spaces by cutting together some french guys video.

I also went around and interviewd 50+ people about how they relax. All this we put into a keynote:


We presented our research and then began with our individual projects.

I was forced to travel to mexico on very short notice so I missed the beginning of the project but got the best inspiration ever.

I started out doing a Sleeping pod – sorta water tank for sleeping

But after suffering through some dreadful Lufthansa service I decided to do GataChair, a chair that allows you to skype with a lufthansa rep and change your flight and then drives you to your gate.

So I did four sketches and three modo renders of my ideas and after some SWIFT method and love/hate analyzing. I came up with a mix of my italycar and that wheelchair thingy.


I wanted to print this in our fancy new 3D printer (gypsum based) but the guy who was the only one educated in the usage of the machine was not available in time so my .stl files were all for nothing. I had to go through rhino to get those files, btw.

I changed the proportions of the chair and ended up with this result:


The presentation was all analog so now keynote here – sadly. But I did do a model in cibatool and painted it gray. Here I felt like it turned out crap but because of nearly 2 days waiting for the 3D printer I had limited time for the model.


Finally a workbook was done:


About moburkhardt

Design student @ Linnaeus University in Sweden(Kalmar)
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