Design Methods with ADDI

By far the best course we have had so far! The two head designer from Addi came in and gave us a bunch of lectures on methods for designing and creating. We did moodboards, love hate analyses, osbourn’s questions, that thing where you put post-it’s on stuff depending on which on is best… but i get ahead of my self. Because it all started with a marshmallow challange (

As opposed to the Design History course the guys from Addi gave every single presentation as a proper keynote slideshow from their shiny MacBook Pro 😀

In order to try out the design methods we were supposed to create a product that wakes you up i the morning. Five design proposals were required for the first method: SWIFT





after some brainstorming I decided to work with vib(r)ed and expand the concept.

some sketches were done

the final product

We had to present the project with a stop and go animation:

which i embedded into a keynote:


and we also did a workbook of course:


About moburkhardt

Design student @ Linnaeus University in Sweden(Kalmar)
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